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Bad CMX512-3200XL Modules


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I purchased 2 CMX512-3200XL modules in the beginning of April and have had stability issues ever since.


List of components -

DFI LP nf4 SLI motherboard

AMD 64 3500+ Win Processor

2x CMX512-3200XL

BFG 6800GT

OCZ Powerstream 520


I have the 704-bt bios on the motherboard, stock timings. Currently Angry_Games has my motherboard, cpu and ram and is not having any luck with the ram modules. BSOD upon installing windows. He has the same model ram and has the ability to run stable.


Thank you

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Ram Guy, would it be possible for Angry Games to send back the memory and then the replacement modules sent back to him? Also a good hand picked set for the DFI LanParty nf4 board would be nice. :laughing:


How would I go about doing the RMA process if I want Angry to ship and receive the modules? Just as normal or what?


Thank you again.

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