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RAM GUY- 2*512Meg Twinx XMS PC4000r3.1


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I have the above ram and purchased it to run on my high end system. It does not run at those specified speeds. It doesn't even run beyond 220Mhz let alone 250Mhz.


I have tried various options and advise and this has not changed my state. I had MSI Neo 2 Platinum and then changed to Asus SLI Premium and still is does not go beyond 220Mhz.


My Specs. AMD 64 Venice 3500+, Leadtek 7800GTX, 650Watt SilverStone, Asus SLI Premium.


I paid $430 here in Australia only to find out that my money has gone to utter waste. I am really disappointed with CORSAIR.


Could I please request CORSAIR for a warranty and get my money back for buying a good not fit for the purpose.


I look forward to hear from CORSAIR.

RMA Number: R93601

Part Number: VS128MB100

Number of modules: 1


I received this information but it says No. of Modules as 1. I have 2*512Meg Sticks. What do I do? My Sticks TWINX1024-4000 Just a note, I tried every possible timing and voltage. No Luck running the damn thing at the specified speeds. It max out at 220 FSB.

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  • Corsair Employees

What is the exact part# of our modules? You have a RMA number for a PC100 Value select part but you have XMS4000 modules listed?


In addition, what are the exact settings you have set for the memory and CPU? And I am sorry if you want to get refund you would need to work that out with your reseller, as we would not be able to refund you money that we did not collect from you.

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