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Need replacement DIMM - VS256MB133A


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I purchased 1 DIMM CVS 133A/MHZ - 256MB earlier this year and installed it on an Asus CUSL2-C motherboard together with 2 other (non Corsair) dimms. Everything worked fine until this month when the PC now repeatedly reboots spontaneously.


CPU and case temperatures are normal - PSU voltages are ok. When the Corsair DIMM is installed with the other RAM OR it is installed alone, the instability occurs. The PC runs fine without the Corsair piece installed.


Also, I can confirm that installed alone, the Corsair ram fails 'memtest' with repeated errors as soon as the testing process begins.


Since the distributor want $25.00CAD to handle warranty, I think I'd be better off handling directly with you folks.


Please advise...

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