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CMX256A-3200LL dead ((


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I'm a user of two CMX256A-3200LL. Two week ago, one died. I got plenty of bad adresse in memtest86+ and other software.


As I know this ram is covered by a lifetime warrently, thats nice.


I still have one question.


To be more exact, my ram is CMX256A-3200LL 2226-T1 .. (2-2-2-6 T1)


I know this is not sold anymore for age, because of some incompatibility... But my Abit NF7-S can exploit that timing (Work nice !!). I like to get one of thems (2-2-2-6 T1) .. Not very interested by downgrading to 2-3-2-6 T1 .. (


What should happend with me ?




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