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Dead memory module- RMA req pls


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had 1 of 2 CMX256A-3200C2 (400 Mhz CL2) fail

tried all the 4 DIMM sockets on m/b to see that it wasnt the

sockets failing or incorrect seating & in various configurations

dual channel (as I was running the modules) & by itself

I tried this Module on anther PC and the system

wouldnt boot up - the modules dead. Can I RMA please

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If it's a twinx pack it's recommended to rma both as 1 TwinX pack.


I purchased modules separately ie at different intervals

Its not a twin pack

the 256 Mb module I'm using is working perfectly with fast timings of 2-2-2 -7

so no need and they were working in dual channel perfectly until one gave up the ghost


thanks for your concern though

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I forgot to mention that in dual channel mode,

on my system , the two sticks together couldnt do those timmings

I ran them stably at 2-3-3-7 and averaged a memory bandwidth of around

~6900- 7000 Mbytes/s


so yeh acknowledging you Wired - I'll be happy with what I had previously.

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Yes you will need to contact customer service and have the RMA reflect what you are sending IE 1 CMX modules or 2 CMX modules or 1 Twinx. This is very important. If you actually have a Twinx set of modules and you submit the RMA request for 2-CMX modules then that is what you will get back. So please please make sure this is correct for the part you have.
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