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XMS 3200 and Asus K8N- Deluxe


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I have a 512stick of the 3200C2 and a 512 of straight 3200. Individually they run at a full 400, but together hey will only run at 200. I cannot change them manually either. If I change the timing, they lock the system an wont reboot without physically clearing BIOS.


Is this a common issue? Is there anything I can do other than going back to Mush-kin?



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The IC's on each module are different.

They can't be mixed.


Cant see how thyat makes a difference. I just RMA'd this stick of 3200(non-C2) because it would only run at 333, that was regardless of whether or not the other stick was in. If a jacked up stick would let the two of them run at 333, than why would 'good' stuff only run at 200?

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so then what do I do? Just get different RAM?

I did notice that the new stick I have is v1.1 wheras the stuff I RMA'd was 2.1



Asus K8N-E Deluxe

A64 2800

1 gig of Corsair XMS 3200

XFX 6600 GT - AGP

2-Samsung Spinpoint SATA- RAID 0

Lite-on burners

CPU and GPU watercooled

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I am sorry but with this platform all of the modules would need to be exactly matched. If you did the RMA with us please reply back to the last email you got from customer service and see if they can replace all of your modules so they all match.
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