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problems with A8N SLI Deluxe and 2x twin1024-3200c2pt


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I've just built a new computer with the following specs:


A8nsli deluxe


2x 7800gtx

X-fi Fatal1ty soundcard

4x512 Corsair 512 3200C2


It works like a dream most of the time, and performs womderfully in 3dMark05.


However, I am experiencing frequent lock-ups when loading levels in games.

Most of the time it's OK, but the screen will often just freeze on a loading screen in Sims 2 and GTA San Andreas. Nothing will let me recover, other than rebooting the machine.


Any ideas what is causing this? As it normally hangs while lading I'm guessing it is a RAM problem.


ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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Spoke too soon. One pair is locking up occasionally too



Had similar problems for weeks....checked my ram... ram checked out fine...checked my HD...checked out fine...reinstalled windows like 4 million times..I almost threw it out of the window until I found out about the Marvell Yukon internal. The problem was the internal Yukon Ethernet...Machine would work awesome....then all of a sudden I would lock up during games especially Warcraft and Guild Wars.... Windows would boot slow and sometimes not at all....blue screen machine exceptions...Try this..make sure you have the latest version of the driver from Marvell ...Then configure your IP Settings manually...do not leave it on auto....since I found a post on this I have not had one lock up...blue screen or slow windows boot...


to set all your IP settings ..check one of my previous posts if you are not sure..I posted the procedure up...Good luck...hope this helps....our machines are almost identical....what do you hit in 3dmark05? I hit 13,000 and change...SLI rules!

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