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Abit Fatal1ty SLI problems with twinx1024-3200XL ??!?!?


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Here is my rig:


Abit Fatal1ty SLI


Dual BFG 7800GTX in SLI

74Gb WD Raptor HD

Antec True Power 2.0 SLI ready 550w ps


After reviewing all stated ram compatibilities for this motherboard I bought some TWINX1024-3200xl memory. To my horror, my dream machine began randomly powering down while playing games or running 3dMark05. Only seems to happen when I am playing games. I am not overclocking or anything, all settings are auto configed in bios. Here is the list of things I've tried to rule things out as the culprit:


So I took my cards out of SLI config... tried runing one card.. system still powered down...


Borrowed an ATI Radeon from a friend... system still powered down randomly...


Upgraded to my current Power Supply... system still powered down...


Installed a power conditioner and UPS.. system still powered down...


Updated motherboard bios.. system still powered down...


scavenged forums for similar errors and ended up setting my ram voltage to 2.75v... system still powered down...


turned ram to ddr333 data rates and lowered all performance options... system still powered down...


Exchanged my Corsair ram for more of the same ram... system still powered down...


Installed extra case fans even though temp was not rising... system still powered down...


Tried old bios versions and drivers... system still powered down...


I was really worried that my $3k gaming system was turning out to be a bust and was going to just return it all and buy a premade system when I decided to place some crappy old no-name brand pc2700 ram in the system as the problem HAD to be the MB, RAM or CPU... And what do you know, it worked. I can run 3dmark and games without my pc randomly shutting off.


So my questions are.. Have I recieved two bad orders of corsair ram? Is TWINX1024-3200XL memory just incompatible with my system? What would you suggest to try with this corsair ram to make it work?


Since you at Corsair have validated that this ram works flawlessly on my motherboard I would appreciate you sending me a copy of all the bios settings you used on the Abit Fatal1ty SLI AMD motherboard that worked for you.


I am really fed up with this memory and have wasted 2 days troubleshooting the problem and reading about how people set this ram up... I've tried everything... raising voltage, increasing latency and timing values, lowering data rate, lowering command speed... Turning HTT down to 1x... nothing works with this memory when running games... Sorry if I'm flaming you Corsair but I really am dissapointed in this "high end" memory.


Please let me know what configurations you have tested this on with the ABIT Fatal1ty SLI for AMD.



Josh Coleman

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