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Corsair XMS compatibility prob w/ Abit


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I just bought (2) 512MB sticks of Corsair XMS DDR400 from newegg.com. I'm trying to install the memory into my computer and it wont boot up. It'll try to boot, then I get 1 long beep and 4 short beeps, and then it shuts down immediately after that. I have an Abit AG8 motherboard which supports DDR400 up to 1GB per slot. The manual said when installing two similar memory modules to use DIMMS 1&3 or DIMMS 2&4 on the motherboard. I tried both configurations and both do not work. I already tried clearing CMOS and that didn't work either. It won't even boot up long enough for me to get into the BIOS. Also, the RAM I used to have in there was a Corsair Value Select 512MB DDR400 stick. If anyone can help me or if you can at least tell me what the POST beeps mean it would help me a great deal. I really don't want to return this awesome memory but I will if that is the problem. Thank you
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