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I am building a new box and am using the 1 GB DDR2 Twin2X Matched Memory Pair the XMS2 pro series with the ASUS P5WD2 Premium Motherboard and an Intel 3.2 Dual Core Extreme processor. Actually I am in the process of building 3 of these with the exception of one will be the AUS P5ND2-SLI so I can run 2 of the 7800 cards, so this is the fist and the weakest in as much as it only has 1 GB of Ram but the other 2 I purchased 2 GB of the same XMS2 pro Ram for them. The problem I am running into is Windows XP Pro will not load on the system. It get to the Installing devices part and just hang with 34 min. left. I build probably al least 30 systems a year and never have these types of problems but have never tried this combination of Ram with the P5WD2. It worked terrific with the P5AD2 motherboard. Can you lend any assistance? I hope this is not the battle I will have with the other 2 I am building. I appreciate any help at this point.


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