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Twin 1024-3200C2 Pro good oc settings?


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Well there is no definitive answer.

Since no 2 systems will react the same giving the different variables

between: CPU, MOBO and the specific IC's used on the RAM itself.

Basically it's a balancing act between the RAM Frequency and timings.


The higher you push the Frequency the more you have to relax the timings.

At stock your RAM runs 2.5-3-3-6 @ 200MHz (BIOS)

I would start by increasing the frequency in steps of 5MHz.

As far as timings go, change the CAS Latency from 2.5 to 3 from the start.

It's really trial and error.

Increasing the Dimm Voltage also helps.

But "DON'T" go over 2.9 Volts. (That voids the warranty).


Also, for best system stability, your CPU FSB should be equal to the RAM's Freq.

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