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Corsair XMS SODIMM - bad module - please advise for warranty


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I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 and I purchased 2 Corsair XMS SODIMM (CMXSD512-3200LL) in sometimes near the end of 2004.


On 09/19, my Inspiron will not boot-up after flashing the caps lock light for a few seconds. After some testing, I believe 1 of the memory module has gone bad. This is what I do to determine that:



- Assume the bad memory module is memory A and the good one is memory B.

- OK = computer boot up.

- NOT OK = computer NOT booting up.


1. I took out both memory and put memory B ONLY into 1 slot. OK

2. I took out memory B from slot 1 and put it in slot 2. OK

3. I leave memory B in slot 2 and put memory A in slot 1. NOT OK

4. I put memory B in slot 1 and put memory A in slot 2. NOT OK

5. I took out memory B and leave memory A ONLY in slot 2. NOT OK.

6. I took out memory A from slot 2 and put it in slot 1. NOT OK.


Thus, the memory A is a bad module. I can't test memory A using MemTest86+ since my laptop will not boot up at all using just memory A. I tested memory B and it's fine.


Please let me know how do I proceed to get warranty replacement for the bad module.



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Let's get them both replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


UPDATE @ 2:28 PM:


I've sent an email to warranty@corsair.com per your signature link.


Hello Ram Guy,


Thanks for the advise. I've submitted an online form yesterday 09/22 @ approx. 3:00 PM. However, as of today 09/23 @ 2:13 PM, I haven't received any email instructions on how to send the memory back to Corsair.


Do I have to resubmit?

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