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DOA + Flaky OA Replacement Memory


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I recently got an RMA on two 256M sticks, and that part was smooth as glass, many thanks.


However, one of the new sticks is DOA. When I put it in by itself, and the computer beeps and refuses to POST. I put it in with another stick and it's just as if it's not there. This stick has a label on it:

CMX256A-2700-C2 XMS2702v1.5


XMS2700 256MB 333MHz CL2


The other stick is exceedingly flaky under test with memtest 1.30. It's particularly unhappy in conjunction with the other memory sticks I have available (and in use right now). This stick has a label on it:

CMX256A-2700-C2 XMS2702v1.3


XMS2700 256MB 333MHz CL2


Thinking perhaps it was my mobo going south (despite other memory being happy in it, even under multiple passes and slot choices), I tried both sticks on a separate mother board. Beeps and no boot, and almost-boot to an OS (aka same results).


Previous Thread


I respectfully request an RMA on the new memory, preferably with a pre-paid reship label both ways as the replacement memory hasn't ever had a significant chance to do antyhing useful for me.


Thanks in advance!

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For posterity:


I called and chatted with Tech Support who suggested flashing my mobo bios as well as specific slots to plug the sticks into. I was transfered to RMA dep and got a new RMA on the general chance that things were still fubar. Tech support (I forgot his name, my bad. Friendly and helpful!) said to try to twist the mobo to have memory volts @+2v after flashing bios and going for 'optimized defaults'.



Flashed the bios to latest avail, ran optimized defaults. Incidental problem I had fixed. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get that fixed.

More options for volting, but no, repeat no options to have memory voltage set to two. default/lowest was @2.75??? (I could tell you but it'd make it exceedingly hard to be typing this here while in a bios screen :-)


Both sticks in (slots 1 & 3 as requested): 256 seen

Bad stick only: beep *Ihateyou* beep *Ihateyoustill*....

"Good" stick only: 256 seen, memtests 1.30 100% np

"Good" stick + 512 + 256 other = 1G = memtest first two tests ok (I got bored and had other things requiring computer to be up); boot to linux...stall and died pretty early. Removed the "good" stick, leaving 768 non corsair, whamo, downtown, booting galore with no beeps. For reference, the "good" stick was in slot 2 for this process till I yanked it. Pretty confident the other sticks are both 2700.


Is there other troubleshooting I should do? Call the number back?


IMHO, the bad stick is a bookmark and the other...might be salvageable?

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