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I've been using a pair of corsair XMS for about 2 years now with no problems. All BIOS settings default/SPD detected. I haven't made any BIOS setting changes, but my system won't post anymore and the post error reports a memory error... I bought a new mobo, but it has the same results.


The sticks are:




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Actually, I was wrong posting the withdraw... While resetting the cmos allowed the board to post, once I re-enabled the full boot check sequence (default was quick post) it gave me memory errors again (I didnt realize it before because I have the Asus A7N8X with audio post warnings, and didnt have my headphones hooked up). I've tried both sticks seperately and have gotten the same results on both mobos.


I was never able to get the system to boot, so a memory problem makes sense.


So if I could get an RMA number, I would like to send them in.

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