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512mb of Memory required but which?


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Hi there,


When I first built my machine a couple of years ago I was recommended Corsair XMS 3700 TwinX (DDR). Don't think this was a great speed decision, but I got myself 2x256 and everything has been fine, although I still don't get memory timings!!!


I have done a little overclocking, but not a great deal..


SPEC: Asus PC4800 Deluxe, Intel P42.4c (Overclocked to 3.0ghz), Radeon 9800Pro, Western Digital Raptor for the OS and Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 for the Data. And the 2x256 Corsair XMS TwinX 3700PT.


Sorry to go on, but my question is, I now think I want to add another 2x256 to get me up to 1gb RAM, but I don't know what to get, due to all the complexities with the timings? I can't find Corsair TwinX DDR PC3700 anywhere; so I was wondering if I would be able to use different speed Ram with the 3700 and would it slow everthing down? I don't know what the implications are of any of this and think I maybe made a Massive mistake with the 3700!?


Thanks for your help...

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Welcome to the forums t0ny!


"Massive" is a strong word, but unless you planned on some serious overclocking, then the PC3700 may have been a bit more than you needed.


You cannot find any modules because they havn't been in production for quite some time!


As for adding another 2 x 256, mixing/matching memory modules is never a good idea because the modules don't run the same, making a stable environment unlikely and dual-channel even less.


The *best* option is to find another use for the PC3700 modules (or sell, etc) and buy a 1GB TwinX pack (2 x 512), but that may not be possible.


Unfortunately, there's nothing that will even approximate the PC3700 modules currently available on the market, so matching them will be quite hard. You might try eBay and ask for people to garauntee revision numbers, but that's still a hit and miss endeavor.




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