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NEED HELP-Dimension 5100 Desktop RAM Upgrade


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Hi, my friend has a Dell Dimension 5100 Desktop and he needs to upgrade his RAM to be able to play games like Battlefield 2. We spoke with tech support (They suck horribly by the way) and they said it will support 240-pin DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM (that little bit of information was extremely confidential i guess, based on how long it took us to get it...)


My question is which module to get.

I was looking at the 4300c3, but that is 538 MHz and the support said it wouldn't be compatible.


What are his options in respect to corsair RAM? I told him to get corsair because it rules and i have 1 gb pc 5400c4pro and it is awesome. Also i was wondering what was up with the valueselect RAM, but that isn't super important...


I just need to know which modules would be compatible with his Dimension 5100 desktop. Thank you for any help, he really wants to get this so he can start playing BF2 with everyone here at IU :biggrin:

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Dell Dimension 5100

Dell Dimension 5100C


A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product


Part # Size


CMSS512MB-533 512MB

CMSS256MB-533 256MB


I used to do Dell Tech Support, and frankly, it should've taken them not even 1 min to figure out what memory came with the PC. As you know, that Dell tech wasn't that bright :)


FYI, if you go http://support.dell.com and slap in his service tag you can get all of the PC's original specs. BTW, Dells just don't have the BIOS options available to be able to use the XMS memory, so don't even try them. The System Select sticks listed above should work fine.

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Ok thanks...i thought that that might be the case because of how Dell does motherboards...i hate how Dell puts everything half-way decent except the motherboard...


Anyways, that's cool, $150 with free 2nd day shipping :):


I'm sure he will be happy.


Also...are these designed to be 1 module? like...should he buy 2 512 sticks, or just 1 1024MB module? I don't know if his mobo supports dual channel and all that so i was just wondering (wouldnt be surprised if it doesnt). I just saw that those links take you to sticks, not pairs...


Would you recommend getting a 1024 MB Module or a pair of 512 MB modules?


For my curiosity...how do these CMSS1GB-533 stand up to the XMS or XM2S modules? I didn't see any specs (like timings) on these modules, but hopefully they perform well (I would expect that corsair wouldn't make a 'bad' memory module anyways).

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I don't think there are official specs for them, as they're meant to be compatible with OEM systems, and OEM BIOSes don't list timings anyway. In a normal board, the XMS would definitely perform better, but in OEM, you'll know SS will work at least lol!


IIRC, all P4 mobos do dual channel. I'd wait for Ram Guy's official response tomorrow though as to see if he recommends 1 stick or 2. Is your friend keeping the Dell memory, or replacing it?

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I would just order and replace the memory that came with your DELL with one VS1GBKit533D2 set for best performance and price. However if you are trying to add to what came with your system I would only suggest you order 2 of our System Select modules.
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Hey, can he keep his 256 MB of RAM and still run dual channel? He has 4 slots for RAM so he can physically fit them into the system.


The only thing that gives me pause is that he will have 3 sticks of ram:

TWO 512 MB DDR2 533MHz pc4200

ONE 256 MB DDR2 400MHz ????? (don't know what it is)


I was wondering what the best option would be? I think it is to get rid of the 256 and use the 1gb pair, but he wants to know if he can use the 256 to improve the performance. Also i wanted to know if you can run dual channel with an odd number of modules, greater than 2 modules, or modules that operate at different speeds? Me and a friend were arguing about it and i would love to be right...unfortunately i rarely am. :(:


Help would be appreciated :biggrin:

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