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Troubleshooting / RMA request


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I recently ordered a Corsair 1GB PC3200 Value Select module (model VS1GB400C3, s/n 780-0524106-0-797356) from NewEgg.com. After installing the memory module in a new Asus K8S-MX motherboard, I would receive errors while loading the Windows Server 2003 installer (booting from CD). Specifically, it reported on two separate occasions that a file was missing or corrupt (a different file each time), and another time, the machine bluescreened.


The errors would appear before any user input was requested (i.e. ENTER to continue, F3 to quit, etc).


After replacing the RAM, Windows Server 2003 installed without incident.


If at all possible, I would like to request an RMA on this product. If there is further troubleshooting you would like me to do, I would be glad to do so.


Thank you for your time.



Joshua Stanczak

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