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what's yhe postID?


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Bonjour pablo(french). Le PostID est un petit numero qui est inscrit automatiquement en haut de ton post et qui indique aux emploiees de Corsair quel post verifier en ligne quand ta memoire defectueuse arrive chez Corsair. Come ca ils peuvent diagnostiquer instantanement ton probleme...


Donc, Tout ce que tu as a faire c'est recommencer un nouveau post et expliquer clairement ton probleme. La piece que tu as acheter ainsi que son numero de serie. Decris nous aussi ton PC le plus clairement possible : CPU, carte maitresse, bloc d'alimentation ect...


Tout ca en Anglais bien sur ;):


Ne t'en fait pas, je ne serrai pas loin si tu as besoin d'aite :D:



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Nice work Jabberwok........ ;):

I have no idea what you said.......... :p:

pablo: you would need to post your problem first.

If Ram Guy is unable to fix you problem through forum tech support, then he

will approve an RMA.

Once this is approved, the froum post # is in the top right corner of your post.

Forum Post Number:

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Jabberwok, translation please :)
Fair enough :D: I tend to forget sometimes, my bad :p:


"Greetings pablo(french). PostID is a number attached to your post that Corsair uses to track down a post when the defective part is shipped & Corsair receives it. That way they can know what the problem was & can diagnose it asap.


So, All you have to do is start another post & explain clearly your problem. Tell us what part was bought & it's part number. Also we will need info on your PC as well : CPU, motherboard & PSU ect...


All of it in english of course


Don't worry, I won't be far if you need any help...


L8r m8"


Again, Sorry guys :D:

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