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After 2 years of troubleshooting... my computer is still broken. :(


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Guys, I've been trying to fix this problem for about 2 months now and I've almost reached my limit... I can't tell you how frustrating this is. I have built numerous computers in the past, but I have never run into anything this bad. :(


Every time I scroll through certain webpages (including this one), a multicolored "static" percolates the image. Has ANYONE out there run into this specific problem?




Worse yet, whenever I run a game such as Far Cry, HL2, Doom3 etc, and load a level, the picture will freeze for a few seconds. It will eventually unstick, although only for a fraction of a second, and then it will stick again. Wash, rinse repeat.


Computer specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

ASUS K8VSE Deluxe mobo

2x 512mb PC3200 Corsair Value Select RAM

Antec 480W Neopower PSU

e-VGA 6800 GT

Soundblaster Audigy LS

1 WD SATA hard drive

Mitsumi Floppy/Card-Reader combo drive

Optorite DVD/RW


I have tried more troubleshooting methods than I care to remember or write out at this point... so I'm hoping that someone will give me a fresh idea off the top of their head - without being biased by what I have already done. If nothing works, I'll list off everything that I have done so far.


I'll tell you that my computer ran fine for almost a year... until my video card started idling at progressively higher temperatures - this in spite of the fact that I have excellent cooling/circulation in my case and I never overclocked my card. After my computer shut down in the middle of HL2, I decided to get a replacement video card to play it safe. Well, my newest card has been idling at a respectably cool 48 deg. C, but several days after I installed it, these new (above-mentioned) problems crept up.


I came here because pulling one of my RAM modules "fixes" the problem for one boot of the computer. After turning my computer off for an extended period of time and rebooting it, the problem comes back. I tested both RAM modules to see if either was bad (by trying one of them at a time in various slots). One of them wouldn't even POST, but after reseating it several times, the computer would turn on... albeit with the above-mentioned problems. The other module seemed to be doing fine for several days... but then it succumbed to "static" on webpages, freezing games, etc.


I'm begging you all - as a grown man and a computer nerd - to help me out here.


What are your first impressions of what could be wrong?

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