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VS256MB400C3 and DFI NB70-SC


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A few weeks ago, I had a bad RAM module and had to replace it. Today, I went and picked up the replacement, a stick of Corsair Value Select 256MB PC3200 DDR. I would have gotten a slower module, but that was all that was available at Canada Computers.


I already have a stick of XXXXXXXXX 256MB, PC2100 I believe. When I put the Corsair in, the system still detected only 256MB. When I took the XXXXXXXXX stick out and booted only with the Corsair stick, the system couldn't boot, presumably because the stick wasn't detected.


I would like to know if I just can't use a PC3200 stick with my mobo, if I just have to fiddle around with my configuration, or if I just have a bad stick.

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