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Screen blank after installing new RAM


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Hello, I happily purchased today a 1GB Corsair DDR Dimm Value Select PC-400/3200, and I wanted to replace my old 256 MB SDRAM.


I removed the old RAM and installed the new one, but computer won't even show any error. The monitor' screen gets no signal at all, even though the computer looks like switching on normally (I of course checked my monitor' connexion :laughing: )


Anyone could help?

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Some modules can be underclocked and run slower than they are rated. Your system is more than likely running these PC3200 modules at PC2100 speeds.





That makes sense. I guess I'd rather go back to the store and ask them to exchange with the most appropriate one. (They assured me this was the one I needed)


Can someone confirm what is the best possible match for my Motherboard, please?

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