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Cmx512 Pc4000 Bad Module


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I have purchased 2 modules of 512-XMS-4000. I have problem with one module, the version 1.1, because it run a 3700(466mhz 3.0-5-5-8). The other module, version 3.3 run at good speed(400mhz 3.0-4-4-10). My motherboard is Asus P4p800 . I have put some images below to show you the problem :(: . thanks to help me..




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Ignore everything you've circled. They are the SPD timings, which you are not running. Your ACTUAL timings are here:


Ordinateur -> Overclock -> Properties du chipset -> Performances memoire


or in English:


Computer -> Overclock -> Chipset Properties -> Memory Timings


You're currently running:


200 Mhz, which is PC3200, DDR400 speeds.

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My 2 memory suppose to be identicle and i got one running at 233mhz and the other one run at 250mhz . I want to know if i plug them dual on my motherboard...Do you know if the result gonna be the same like 2 x 250mhz,

if not i want to know how to send it to change it at Corsair

(i think my memory is a PC3700 with the wrong sticker on,

i bot them like this ,i want my memory`s run at equal speed ....250mhz when i m overclocked

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Like I said, IGNORE what you've circled. You can make those say DDR5000000000 and it doesn't mean anything. Only read the physical label on the memory itself. Now since they're different revisions (1.1 and 3.3) they may not play with each other that well.
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