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Possible bad stick


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I have the TWINX512-2700LLPT matched pair memory sticks.


I was getting memory errors in windows from time to time, but I thought it was just from a bad application install or invalid setting for an application.

This went on for several months until it was happening about 7 times a day, and the computer started to forget settings almost every boot up. I scanned it for any type of virus and spy-crap almost every day.


It was when it would start to give me automatic reboots randomly that I began to think that it wasnt just software based. It got so bad to where windows would just load up and I would touch the start menu and it would restart. So I tried to do the Repair Windows Install from the XP Pro CD (boot up from CD and let it 'find' the installed OS and ask you if you want to repair it - NOT the recovery console).


Every time I tried to do ANY type of OS install I would get the Blue Screen telling me that there was a serious error if this is the first time .... replace any hardware that was installed .... blah blah .... error code (that I dont remember and didnt write down) ... etc.


So on a whim I took out the corsair twins and plugged in a single stick of 512Mb 133mhz "comp-usa special" cheap ram (that would not even work on my old ASUS MB cause it was 'picky') and I installed the OS fine. and have not had any problems.


I took the sticks and placed then into a little box barebone system (XP4 Intel 845GV chipset based with a 1.8Ghz celeron) to test them. Since there is only 1 memory slot, I could only test 1 at a time.


One works fine and the other cant do anything in any computer except give you a blue screen. I did notice that the last time I was trying different sticks in a computer that the stick that gave the blue error screens was very hot compared to its "twin" (the one that did work).


I think this might be grounds for a RMA, but what do you think?

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