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Recommended Additive for Hydrocool


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Can anyone recommend a UK commercially available additive

suitable for the Hydrocool.


I've read some horror stories about Water Wetter, but

I can't get hold of Corsairs own in the UK.


Zerex? Purple Ice? Asetek Waterchill "Anti Algae"?

MCT-5? MCT-40?




Try this link here. It talks about Sierra Coolant.



The coolant is propylene glycol. Most automotive stores should carry this. Seeing that Europe is slanted heavily on the environment, this should be easy to find. Or, check out Class A or Class C motorhome RV camping centers for the coolant.


The above link will give you an MSDS sheet showing the proper coolant ingredients too. This way you can compare the PG brands in Europe.


Typically, these are some of the brands of propylene glycol (PG) that are sold:


Sierra - http://www.sierraantifreeze.com

The prefered brand for the HydroCool. (use the link to find a store near you.)

Sold World-Wide - Some Europe titles as, "Sierra Econazi Antifreeze"


Prestone LowTox - http://www.prestone.com/tips/page2.htm





Sta-Clean heavy-duty -



Fleetguard ES Compleat PG concentrate


Texaco's: Chevron HTF-P 200 or Havoline XLC-PG (same stuff) Sold World-Wide



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It would seem that proplyene glycol based antifreeze just

isn't available in the UK. Can't find any anywhere!


Do Corsair use propylene instead of ethylene purely for

toxicity reasons? Is there any reason I can't use standard



very bad idea.......had some EG large amount spilled on a carpeted floor covering a hardwood, it all had to be removed for fumes were causing me health ills, now looking for a kidney. so if you like your love ones use

PG not the toxic EG type.


if you like i can mail you some, just pay the postage

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