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A8N-SLI Deluxe + 1024MB Corsair 3200 XLPT


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Hey :)


I currently have an A8N-SLI Deluxe fitted with 1024(2x512mb)Corsair 3200LLPT ram. Im trying to get to 2GB in the best possible way.


Ive managed to get some 1024(2x512mb)Corsair 3200XLPT ram. Im guessing it isnt a good idea to put all 4 of these DIMM's together having different timings but id like confirmation please.


Also, if it isnt a good idea, which is best for this board?

2 x 1024mb Corsair 3200XLPT or 4 x 512MB Corsair 3200XLPT sticks.

Im happy to bin the LLPT's if one of these options is best.


Bear in mind, i already have 2 x 512MB XLPT so to buy 2 more would be the cheaper option if it is suitable. I dont find it very clear which configuration is best by studying the manual.


Thanks for your time and i hope i havent made this confusing :)

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Is your CPU a Venice core.

If not 4 sticks would'nt be ideal.

They would default to 333MHz.


The TWINX2048-3200C2's would be the best way to go.

Really depends on your CPU.

Have you tried to mix the LL's and XL's just to see?


Thanks for replying.

Its a Winchester Core. Not sure what affect that will have.


I have managed to combine the sticks at 400mhz and even to get it to load into windows but the timings are borked.

2.5 4 4 6 respectively, or atleast it was close to that. I havent done more testing thou so it maybe unstable.


If you think thats oki ill stick with it, but i dont want to labour my XLPT needlessly just to get 2GB.


Thanks again :)

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