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Just got new Corsair ram, one stick is probably bad...HELP


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I have just built my system, got it to boot up on Raid 0, loaded windows xp, using a AMD 3200+ Venice, Abit Fatal1ty AN8 Sli mobo, Corsair XMS Xpert 3200xl 1gig memory, and an Ati X850XL video card...


I have installed all the up to date bios, and drivers for all the hardware.


The problem lies when i restart the system in windows, the system will crash unexpectidly, after the bios and post screen, when windows xp's splash screen loads....


Then I reset the CMOS and can barely get windows to completly load again before it shuts down at the windows loading screen...


Sometimes one of the Sticks or Ram does not light up, the system only recognizes one stick of ram, and then widows will load!...I am thinking i may have a bad stick of ram,


Since windows will load when only one stick is recognized...


Please help anyone!!!

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Ask Fatal1ty :p: Try with different MB if you can (or same like yours), with intel chipsets , because i heard that intel platform is more flexible with ram's(different manufactures,specs...).Try on VIA kt400,600, nForce 2, nForce4... you got twinx modules (bought in pairs)? Did you try both ram's separately? Did you put modules in correct slots for dual or single (with one stick, i need to put on DIMM 2 for single channel) mode? Maybe is realy one of module bad :eek:
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I have jsut built a computer, all parts new, consisting of the following:

AMD athlon64 3200+ venice

Abit fatal1ty an8 sli

- Corsair xpert series twinxp1024-3200xl total of 1 gig


I have done the following...

installed the ram in dimm slot 1,2 then tried 3,4


problem happens when both sticks are installed...

the computer will start loading windows after both 1gig of memory is recognized, and at the windows splash screen, the system will go black, everything shuts down instantly....

then when i try to reboot, the 1st or 3rd dimm memory stick will not be recognized, the other memory stick will work, and the computer will load windows fine and operate, ok...


I also noticed the memory being out of sync, both in display, and in processing frequency, the one to the left (slot 1 or 3) would, be cooler and operate slower, just by a tad...


Then i removed the memory stick thought to be bad, and have had no further problems operating the comptuer, it starts up fine and windows works fine,


Any ideas???

Should I RMA both sticks???



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Ok so i set the voltage to 2.8, each module showed slightly different voltage, resatrted my computer and when it got to the windows loadign screen, the whole system powered off....and cant get windows to boot up now with both sticks installed, cannot try the memtest either, if i cant get into windows...

Also when i try to boot it up without letting it rest for 4 minuites, the module to the left

What does that lead you to believe......

I think that module is bad

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Ok so i ran Memtest, on the ram module that seems to be bad alone, it passed the test 2 times...then i tested both ram modules togeather...they passed the test 3 times and on the fourth, the computer powered off/crashed by itself...I noticed that the voltage on one was 2.77v and the other was 2.79v


What do you think?

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