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I have received an RMA number for a faulty module as following


Part Number: TWINX512-3200LLPT (2 modules)


This part will be replaced with part TWINX512-3200XLPT


I also have another TWINX512-3200LLPT(2 modules)

is it possible to run both of these together in dual channel as they are different speeds?


Or would it be advisable to get them replaced?



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That would depend on the make and model of your MB, but I would really doubt it. Nor would I suggest mixing memory on any MB.


Mother Board =ABIT IC7 P4 2.6C 800FSB. @200MHZ

Would I have to run them single channel or under clock the XL modules by using manual SPD settings in Dual channel mode?

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  • Corsair Employees

I would not suggest mixing memory on any MB! Let me make that clear!


If you do try and run these modules you will need to set the timings and frequency manually or the system may not even post. I would suggest Cass 3-3-3-8 at DDR400 at 2.8 Volts and go from there.

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