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Are these the same?? value select compatibility help


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I just purchased: VS1GBKit400 (the price was right!!) and I currently have 1GB VS512MB400 which shows up on the corsair site as: VS512MB400 PC3200 512MB 64Mx64 184 DIMM


the new ram I have shows as : VS1GBKIT400 PC3200 1024MB 2x64Mx64 2x184 DIMM


I want to use 2GB ram because I have it, will there be any compatibility problems?? My board is: ABIT IC-7Max3 with a P4 3Ghz Prescott


My understanding is that the memory has to be of the "same type" in order to use the other 2 slots.... Any thoughts or comments would help out greatly :cool:

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