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VS512MB400 (1 GB kit) shows only 333


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Hi All,

My new 1 GB kit (dual channel) of VS512MB400 shows only 333 HZ with DELL Dmension 4600 INTEL P4 2.8 Ghz . The original PC3200 dual memory perfectly worked and was recognized at 400

Are there any incompatibility for dual channel VS512MB400 with DELL ?

Thank you in advance.

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Are you mixing these with the memory that came with your system? If so please just try our modules alone and see if it will run. In addition, if you havea 533 FSB CPU you would need to run the memory at DDR333 as well.


Thanks for the respond. Yes, my CPU is FSB 800 and it works with PC3200 400 Hz memory. You were right: with the new (VS512MB400 by Corsair) memory only, the BIOS reads 400. The original memory (came with DELL PC)

only also shows 400. But together (1-3, 2-4 banks) they work only under 333.

Compatability problem??????

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Most Dell's are extremely picky about the memory that's run in them.


Even in ordinary computers, mixing/matching memory isn't reccommended because things like this happen. The computer may be able to be FORCED to run DDR400, but Dell's also don't give you any options in the BIOS.


The best option is to ditch the Dell memory, but that may defeat the whole purpose.




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