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ram problem


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Hi, i recently bought a new motherboard, cpu, graphiccard and ram memory,

the moatherboard is this one "MSI 915P NEO2 Platinum" and the ram this one

"Corsair Value S. PC4200 DDR2 512MB 64Meg x 64, CL4, 533MHz, 240-pin"

The thing is that when im trying the cpu-z program to see if everytinhg is working the ram frequency only shows 270.3MhZ but its supposed to be 533MhZ, how do i fix this?

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Now, now RAM GUY... :roll:


Mustard, what he's trying to point out is this...


DDR memory is called DOUBLE DATA RATE because the effective data rate is twice the listed clock speed.


So, if it's being reported by CPU-Z as 270.3MHz, then you double that for the 'data rate' and you'll get something close to 533. It looks to me like you've got a very mild overclock going on. Possibly just a mainboard setting.




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