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Liquid cooled speeds?


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I recently finished building a koolance system, pc3-720. I pruchased the cpu, northbridge, video card and hard drive coolers for it as well as 4 60mm fans. So with that said cooling shouldnt be an issue. My system consists of a P4C800E Deluxe, Pent. 2.8c, Radion 9800pro 128mb ( still need to flash to XT) but im running at 411core and 715mem for that. A 420w enermax psu and 2 gigs of TwinX XMS PC 3200CL ram. I have done a bit of tinkering with speeds and what not and cant seem to find a good setup. Is more fsb worth the loss of lat. spds or the same. Ive also read of people running at 2,2,2,5 with and a 3.5 cpu spds with an original 2.8c cpu. Just looking for a couple of tricks to this trade.

Any advice on this is welcome. I have no fear in tearing anything up so hit me with all the ideas. Thanks


Didnt see the Liquid cooled section, may have put this is the wrong spot....

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