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133x and Tungsten T5


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A few days ago, I bought a new Corsair 1GB 133x (CMFSD133-1GB) card from Newegg. The first time I inserted the card, things seemed to work fine. The card showed up as a FAT16 formatted SD card with ~990 megs free.


After I removed and reinserted the card, my Tungsten said the card needed to be formatted. When I agreed to let the T5 format the card, it said the device was not recognized. I left the card inserted and switched my PDA to drive mode and attached the T5 to my PowerBook via USB. Though the T5's internal storage was available, OS X 10.4.2 complained that I inserted a disk that it couldn't recognize and offered my the option to format the card. I formatted the card as FAT16. The format completed with no errors reported. I umounted the volume, turned off drive mode and disconnected the USB cable.


When I removed and reinserted the card into the T5, the Palm complained again that the device needed to be formatted but complained again when I tried to format the SD card, saying "the device cannot recognize this card."


After turning on drive mode and attaching it to my PowerBook again, I went through the reformat process only to have the same error I had before.


I started getting the feeling that something might be screwy with the Palm so I checked to see if there were firmware updates for it. There were. I installed Tungsten T5 Update v1.1 released on 6/21/05 and tried the whole process again. I had the same problems.


Thinking that there might be something odd about trying to format the card with a Mac and using the drive mode of my T5, I took the card out of my Palm and attached it to a card reader plugged into a Windows XP Service Pack 2 machine. Right clicking, trying to view the contents of or get info regarding the card using Windows Explorer caused Explorer to hang. A few reboots later, I used cmd.exe to format the card (recognized as e:) with the command format /fs:fat e: The command ran to near completion but failed with the error "Block 0 not readable"


Convinced that I had a bum card, I got a RMA from NewEgg. My new card arrived about 45 minutes ago. I've had the exact same problems listed previously except the Windows formatting problems.


I can use other SD cards in my T5 just fine. I've tried PalmOne's 256MB house brand card and a couple of Lexmark cards and they all work without a problem.


Has anyone had similar problems? If so, please let me know what you did to fix it or what you've tried that didn't work.



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