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Suspected Faulty Module


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I'm running a pair (purchased seperately, about nine months apart) of VS512MB400 sticks, and a few weeks ago my system started acting up with various memory errors. I tested with seperate motherboards, videocards, hard drives and power supplies and could only narrow it down to one or the two faulty sticks. With the module in, the system usually fails to make it into XP Pro at all, and when it does, as soon as it comes under any sort of real load it fails altogether and I generally crash to a 'warm' boot. With the other 'good' module in, the problem does not occur at all, and when run together the problem returns. This problem occurs no matter which slot the modules are in, or even which motherboard I'm using (seperate tester was an MSI K7N2 Delta-L from my other rig) the problem only occurs when the suspected module is in.


Needless to say, I've basically narrowed it down to that.


My computer is operating at stock settings, no overclocks, all bus speeds, voltage and everything check out just fine.


Anything I'm forgetting, or is pursuing an RMA my only real logical option at this point?

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