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Problem with 2 sticks of VS1GB400C3


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This is getting frustrating. I'm now 3/3 with bad sticks.


RAM is VS1GB400C3. I have 2 sticks.


Original motherboard was an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. I was having infrequent locks but the board also had a problem (well documented, the CMOS battery was draining to the point where I replaced 4 batteries in a month) so I figured it was just related to the mobo problem. I sent the board off for RMA and bought an Asus A8N-SLI Premium to replace it.


I continued to run the RAM at 2.7V per instructions from Corsair, with relaxed timings. I am not overclocking the CPU.


The random errors continued, at 1 or 2 per day and every other day or so the system would hard lock. So, thinking it might be RAM, I put each stick individually in another system with an Intel i875PBZL motherboard. Stick one locked repeatedly on test #3, wouldn't even get through a single pass. Stick two wouldn't even POST, even though I tried it in multiple slots. This is the same motherboard that I ran MEMTEST on a couple of months ago when I had an earlier bad module.


I put two sticks of "C brand" RAM in the A8N-SLI Premium and I haven't had a single problem since.


So, I need to RMA two sticks of VS1GB400C3 Given the problems that I have had with this level of RAM, I would like to know if it's possible to upgrade to a higher level of RAM and pay the difference.





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