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asus a8n-sli deluxe and cmx1024-3200c2?


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im having trouble with my computer.


i brought the following parts for my new computer


asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard

2 cosair xms3200 1024mb 400mhz (cmx1024-3200c2) or (twin2048-3200c2)

connect 3d radeon x850 xt platinum 256mb gddr3 pci express

amd-64 4000+ socket 939

420 watt power supply

hard drive, floppy, cd drive, etc.


so, i when plug anything in and start the computer, there is no picture and the computer beeps.


now it is 1 short beep continuous. so like ... pause for about 3 sec, beep, pause for sec 3, beep, etc.


now i looked that up online and it said something is wrong with the memory. now i know i brought the right memory because i went to the asus website and brought the ddr that the motherboard takes. so i dont know whats wrong. could i have brought the wrong ddr?



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i got it!




mang wow... u will never believe this...


okay the a8n-sli deluxe motherboard takes up to 4 gb of ram. it has 4 slots. a1, a2, b1, b2


ok a normal person would assume that u would put the ddr ram in a1 for the first slot and then a2 for the second one right? nope...


i had to put the cosair ddr on the second slots of a and b, which was a2 and b2. then it booted up fine.


mang.... wow... i spent like 2 days trying to see if the motherboard was fried, if i brought the wrong video card, and why the heck my ram cards arent working...


will problem solve ppl. if u get a asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard, u might wanna play around with the ram slots. HAHA

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