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New imac g5 - 2 mhz memory


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Hello, I will be getting a new imac g5 - 2 mhz computer. I want to upgrade it to 2 mhz. There are so many different types of corsair ram. As posted previously, the type of memory that is required is DDR400 PC3200 2.5V 184 pin. I know that the CMSS1GB-400 is recommended, and is at a premium expense, but will the other ram that has the same rating work. It must be 8 byte, non parity, unbuffered, non ECC, non PPLs and non EDO, as well as JEDEC compliant.


Can you please tell me what 1G memory sticks will work? Thanks!

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Note: DDR-SDRAM is closely correlated with your computer's processor. You should purchase PC3200 DDR-SDRAM for iMac. If you don't purchase memory directly from Apple, be sure to check with the third-party manufacturer to verify compatibility before purchase. Refer to your user's manual for a detailed description of the memory used in your computer.

This is from Apples site.

If you have'nt bought it yet, why don't you just opt for more RAM?

Corsair only recommends the System Select.

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