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RMA Request: Defective XMS2-8000UL module


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I have used my Corsair XMS2-8000UL 1GB TwinX kit in my workstation for over a month now. Few days ago, sudden restarts and bluescreens started to occur while I was working on my latest project.


I started the latest version of Memtest86+ and it gave thousands of errors in few seconds. I uninstalled the second module to find out which one of them is defective. After finding the broken module, I ran HCI Memtest to ensure it is really broken. It also found couple thousands of errors. The module was operating under it´s rated speed (533FSB, 5-4-4-9 latencies and 2.1V).


The problem isn´t motherboard, bios or setting related, since the other module from the TwinX kit works perfectly.




Memory: Corsair XMS2-8000UL 1GB TwinX kit

Motherboard: Asus P5WD2 Premium (Bios 0422)

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 670 (3.8GHz)

PSU: OCZ PowerStream 600W

Video: Sapphire Radeon X850XT Platinum

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB SATA

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