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Memory error caused by bad ram?


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Hi I recently purchased a rig from a custom build retailer.


Anyways everything was working fine until one day my game, Counter Strike Source gave up on me out of now reason. I will be getting to the issue with RAM so bear with me please.


0x013179b0 reference memory at 0x013179b0 memory could not be "read"


As anyone would do I contacted the support and followed all the instructions. Following that I ended up contacting support directly and providing them with an info32 of my system and they replied with this:


"Your memory is being misreported which is probably why you're having this problem. Your Total Physical memory reads as 512MB but your total available physical memory reads as 1.6GB - more than your system reports you actually have. That can be caused by bad RAM and other system configuration issues."


This brings me to the fact that I purchased 2 sticks of DDR2 Ram and that the computer itself does say I have those 2 GB's.

But now I’m not sure what I am supposed to do?


I was told to run a memory error test however my computer does not have a floppy drive and from what I understood I needed one.


Is my ram really "bad"?

Are there any settings I need to check?

Anything else helpful on the issue would be greatly appreciated.



My Specs are:


MSI 950P Combo-FR

3.4 Ghz Pentium 4 HT 550J Prescott 1MB

1GBx2 Corsair Select PC4200 DDR2 533 MHz Memory

256MB NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GTX PCI Express

600watt Okia Dual Fan Power Supply

Windows XP Home running on SP2

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What's the actual part # of your memory?

How To Read the Memory Label


No, you don't need a floppy to run a memory test. Memtest86+ can be run from a bootable CD.


It should take longer than 10 min to run though. Did the system builder install that memory, or did you?




ill give the memory test another try and then open my case to check the ram

and yes the RAM was installed by the builder

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okay so I checked the number on the ram its: VS1GB533D2

I ran memory test again for quite some time again yet not a single error

Once again the ram was installed by the retailer everyone was but the OS, which I installed myself.

I also made sure everything was up to date and even updated my bios.


(I also attempted to switch the ram in the slots to the 2 other available ones but those 2 slots would not house the ram somehow, they didnt not fit.)


dont know if there is anything else I should add?

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You are posting in the wrong section, so I will move this thread for you!

How much total memory is showing in Memtest? And have you checked for the latest bios for your MB?


okay thank you for moving it


Yes ive updated my MB

and the total memory on the mtest is noted as 2047MB I believe

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If memtest and the bios are showing the correct memory size I would look for some other cause. And was this a fewsh install of the OS on this system or did you carry over the HDD and or install of the O.S. from another system?
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