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Memtest errors on one module


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Recently bought a 1GB Memory Module Kit with two Value Select 512MB DDR400 PC3200 modules (VS512MB400). I was experieincing consistent system freezes when playing some games and installing some software. After much troubleshooting, ran Memtest and had a number of errors about 75% of the way into the first pass. Removed 1 module, ran six passes with no issues. Swapped into the same slot with the second module and showed a number of errors after about 50% of the way into the second pass. I have tried running the modules at the motherboard default 2.65V and at the specified 2.5V. Modules are set at 200Mhz. Not overclocking any part of the system. I am pretty convinced that the second module is bad. Anything else I should try before applying for an RMA?
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