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Corsair Ram wont work with my Dell Workstation


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Hi All. I just bought 4 gigs of Corsair ram in the form of 4 * 1 GIG modules (pc2100 ECC REG 266mhz).


The problem is, even though this type of ram is "supposed" to work, my system seems to reject it as incompatible. The Dell tech support guy was even stumped.


Are there any known issues with this type of ram when used with my system? Here are my sytem specs:


Dell Precision 450 Workstation

Dual Xeon 2.4ghz CPU's

NVidia quadroFX1100 video card


thanks for any help

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What is the exact part # and revision # of each stick?

How To Read the Memory Label


Based on the following info, it doesn't look like it's compatible with registered modules. IIRC, Corsair doesn't make any unbuffered (not registered) ECC sticks.



Dell Precision Workstation 450/450n


2.0 GB (ECC)/4.0 GB (non-ECC)


A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product


Part # Size

CMSS512MB-266 512MB

CMSS256MB-266 256MB

CMSS128MB-266 128MB


Checking Dell's site:


Memory capacities

256-, 512-MB, and 1-GB non-ECC or ECC




512 MB PC2100 Unbuffered / Non-ECC

512 MB PC2100 Unbuffered / ECC

1 GB PC2100 Unbuffered / ECC

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Hi. "Version" numbers don't appear to be listed on the stick label but here is the part number(same on all 4 stick labels)



The packaging states that it is registered memory:


128x72 ECC REG




I guess I will return these mem sticks tomorrow and try to find some "unbuffered" ECC and give it a try.

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