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Memory fails POST check


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I have a CM72SD512-2100/M module that when installed, causes the computer to fail POST. When the module is removed the computer boots and runs fine. Is this a defective module? If so, could I return it for a replacement?

Thank you for your help!


P.S. Perhaps I should clarify...I am running two identical pieces in dual channel mode when I get the POST failure. I removed one of the pieces and rebooted the system in single channel mode and still got the POST failure. Then I switched pieces and rebooted again in single channel mode. The POST failure did not occur, and the machine ran MemTest x86 for 8 hours straight, making passes in loops with no errors. This to me would logically indicate a problem with one of the two pieces of memory, and not a BIOS setting or software issue. Could you please correct me if I am wrong, or help me if I am right?


Thanks again!

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