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TwinX 3200XL rev 1.2 1T issue w/ Gigabyte k8ns ultra 939


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Having a problem getting my ram to run @ the speeds I set them to in the bios...


relevant specs:

Gigabyte k8ns ultra-939 F8 bios

venice 3200

neopower 480

twinx 512x2 pc3200XL 2,2,2,5 revision 1.2


When I try and run without a memory divider ( 1:1 ratio instead of 5:6 ) the ram seems to be stuck at 2T. This at default specs for my processor, no overclocking. I have the command rate set to 1T in the bios, yet when I benchmark the ram I see a drastic reduction in bandwidth, and sandra reports the ram as being in 2T mode.


When I run the memory at a divider, 1T works fine.


The only thing I can think of is since my board is limited to 2.75v max for the ram, that may be causing it.



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