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XMS 3200XL gone bad...


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Hi RAM Guy,


I just finished building my new system a couple of weeks ago, and the other day it just stopped working. I shut it down normally one day, and the next it wouldn't POST. After HOURS of tinkering, I found out that the system will boot with one of my RAM sticks in, but not the other.


Writing on the bad stick:

CMX512-3200XL XMS3208v1.2



XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz


This, obviously, was part of a matched pair. The motherboard is a DFI lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR. Processor an Athlon 64 3000+. I was running it overclocked at the time, to 225 FSB, still in 1:1. I had loosened the timings slightly, but I don't remember exactly to what, other than CAS to 2.5. I left the voltage alone on the RAM, but had it upped on the CPU and chipset slightly.


Is there anything I should try? Or is this stick a goner?



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So, just to clarify:


-Start it up with the stick that works

-Set the DRAM voltage to 2.8

-Shut down

-Plug in the other stick(with the first stick still in the other slot)

-Attempt to start again




I can't even get to the BIOS with the bad stick plugged in any slot, currently.


Thanks. This is rough. I've been saving for a year for this computer, and to finally have it for a couple of weeks, then caput, REALLY sucks.

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Did you try resetting the BIOS and then trying one stick, nothing OC'd?


Yes, it runs fine with the one stick, but won't do anything with the other.


I cleared the CMOS, completely. I shut down, moved the jumper to clear, turned off the PSU, removed the CMOS battery for 30 minutes, replaced the battery, turned on the PSU, and moved the jumper back.... Nothing. The system would power on, but wouldn't go to BIOS or initialize video, but all the fans and lights would come on. The power light would just flash constantly until I shut it back down if the bad stick is in any of the slots, concurrent with the other, or by itself.


That one stick is dead. I'm quite sure of it...

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