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New memory but old memory not found HELP


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Today I recieved some more memory for my mobo an abit kv8 pro


Corsair 1024Mb XMS3200PT


it works fine but the old memory that came with my p.c. is not found by my computer or by Belarc advisor or pitstop full system scan.


Ive now lost half a gig of memory...ive taken out the odl memory dusted it down and replaced it all for nowt as my comp still ses its only got the new memory in.


the old memory as far as the actual stick numbers have told me thru searches 3200 team TG256D328BT-5 512mg


any idea on how i can get my computer to see and use both sticks?



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it's never recommended to mix memory from different manufactuers, or even different models from the same manufacturer.


Ah so if I get more corsair it should be ok?


I have Corsair 1024Mb XMS3200PT Latency: 8-4-4-3

and can get

Corsair 512Mb XMS3200C2PT AMD Latency: 6-3-3-2.5


also I only want another half a gig but the latency is different on that one will it be ok?



thnx in advance

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