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Bad TWINX modules - will apply for RMA


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Enermax 431W ATX

Asus K8V SE

Athlon 64 3200 Socket 754

2 CMX512R-3200C2PT modules

9700 Pro

40GB Western Digital IDE


PC played Half Life 2 at high res with not one crash; hottest the CPU ran was 54 C


Left for an overseas trip (powered PC off but still left it plugged in), came back from trip, powered the PC on...PC powers on but fails to POST.


Bought a new motherboard and CPU (same make and model). PC powers on but still fails to POST.


Gave both my DIMMS to a friend with a Gigabyte nforce2 motherboard. He inserted my DIMMS and his system and it failed to POST. Upon removing my DIMMS and returning his orignal memory to his system, his machine booted up fine. He tested both sticks in pair and individually.

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