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I am currently intending to purchase 1GB DDR modules but from the mainboard manual, it states it only support the following 1GB unbuffered modules:


512Mbit (16Mx8x4 banks)


I am considering getting Corsair ValueSelect ones, but the site states its 1GB as follows:


VS1GB400C3 PC3200 1024MB 128Mx64 184 DIMM


How do I interpret the 128Mx64? Is it support by the specs stated by the mainboard manual of 16Mx8x4?



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Can you tell me the make and model of your MB?


Gigabyte, 7DXR+


Hope no one laughs...PC3200 modules are cheaper than PC2100 so no choice. Furthermore, currently all my sys using this board are already running on 3 x Corsair 512MB PC3200 modules without problem at all. I wanna upgrade so that each sys has 3GB of memory instead of current 1.5GB, so that each sys can run vmware or virtual server better.


Appreciate someone shredding some light on whether the VS1GB400C3 will work on the board which only allows 16Mx8x4 module (I presume 8 stands for 8 chip, so 16 chip ones wun work).

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I would not suggest these modules with this chipset. 512 Meg modules of un-buffered memory 1.0 Gig modules should be made with by 4 memory IC's and be registered ECC. But the MB maker would need to clarify if they included proper support for registered ECC. And the Spec page for this MB is not very clear.
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