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Corsair Hydrocool 200 with motherboard


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I'm interessted to buy one Corsair Hydrocool 200 and I need to know if the system is comptaible with my motherboard and my processor?


- ABIT AW8-MAX Socket 775 (Pentium 4) with P4 3.46


Does is possible to put the Hydrocool over my tower?



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The Hydrocool 200 water block will work with any of the current CPU sockets. I believe the Hydrocool 200 kit came with all the retension kits for all but the A64 and P4 LGA-775 sockets. Those had to be purchased seperatly. The socket LGA-775 bracket was never officially released by Corsair. It was in development when Corsair stopped making the Hydrocool 200EX if I remember correctly. If you look around on the forum, you will find some posts of people asking about this exact same thing. Some of them where able to get test samples of the 775 bracket from Corsair. Don't know if Corsair will still be able to do that or not. The Hydrocool 200EX has been out of production for some time now. You could always get another CPU waterblock to use with the Hydrocool 200. It just needs to be a low flow restriction water block that can use 1/4" ID water line (that's what the Hydrocool 200 uses). A good example would be Koolance's CPU-300-H06. You could also Modify the Hydrocool 200 to use 3/8" ID water line (the Hydrocool 200 uses 3/8" water line inside the unit and 1/4" ID line outside the unit). You could place the Hydrocool 200 unit just about anywhere you wanted. I would recommend it being above your CPU, so on top of your case would be perfect. Good luck! :biggrin:
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