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Games crash -> Bad memory?

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Hi there!

I bought a new 6800GT recently and my problems began. During games, my computer crashes. but in a strange way. I can hear some strange sound continously and my monitor displayes strange colors in a strange resolution. Its definitely no temp-prob and the videocard is also ok (tested in other systems). Even buying a new Powersupply didn't solve the problem. Working on XP-desktop for hours is absolutely no problem. But the games.... Fear Demo, Starship Troopers Demo, Halo, fun for about 4 minutes but then my monitor seems to have a party on lsd ;-). Games like Fable or Dundeon Siege 2 Demo work fine funny enough.

First step was testing only one of my rammodules. it worked! like a slideshow indeed, but it worked. playing with the other module installed caused the game to crash and return to the desktop. Not like I described above so I had to reboot, only to the desktop.


Today i tested my rammodules. Did I find the wrongdoers?


Here the results after testing each module for about 1 hour:

first one gave me 4119 failures, the other one 196.


My system:

Asus P4C800 latest Bios

Pentium4 3,0

2X CMX512-3200C2; Version2.2; LotNumber 0320021

running at 2,85V; 2-3-3-5


Please excuse my bad english, I'm from old europe ;-), but thanks for any help




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I'm having a similar issue. Same RAM XMS (2x512) 1024 3200C2PT.


I play BF2 and can only runabout 2 maybe 3 maps befor my game closes and goes to desktop. A few random times I have actually been kicked out to Blue screen of death. I have taken out the XMS and put my old pc2700 in with no problems. The other weird thing is that no matter what I do I cannot set the memory to the recommended timmings. The best it will run stable at is

3-3-3-8. Whink is very annoying since Its rated at 2.5 3-3-6.


Not much help but I think our issues are similar, running mem test now. Maybe the mem is just not compatiable with my mobo.

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