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RAM Guy-3500C2 great w/ Msi 875P


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Hey RAM Guy! A couple of months ago I emailed you about a problem w/ some Corsair 3700TWINXPT. 1st of all thanks again for the reply and offer to RMA, you were very professional, as well as gracious! I thought, since the MSI 875P is such a finicky board, that you might be able to use some real life findings as to what works and what does not. The following info has all been tested w/ the setup in my SIG, w/ BIOS versions:1.6-1.9. 1.9 has been the best for me (even though MSI has done a truly poor job w/ fixing BIOS issues), and the OC numbers are w/ the 1.9 BIOS. The MSI 875P has speed settings which make timing changes as well as OC bumps which cannot be seen or manipulated by the user!:mad: The board also locks the CAS (1st #) at 2.5 for everyone I have seen who has Corsair memory (and some other brands). As you, of all people would know, this CAS does not equate with big overclocks if you are using 3700 (DDR 467) sticks. In fact I could only do FSB 210 stable at 1:1 and 228 at 5:4. The other timings are available to the user, but regardless of the manual setting, CAS stays at 2.5. All of these numbers have been established with confirmations by CPUZ, and ctiaw. Again, even though my 2nd set of 3700 were damn good, and were stable at timings tighter than spec, the stupid CAS-lock of 2.5 always killed me! I know others may have had different experiences, but after months in the MSI forum, and a great many posts by people w/ the exact same issues, with a range of memory sticks, I felt confident that you should at least be made aware of the issue. I will not get into the other characteristics of the mobo's memory substructure, and I know this post is a long one, sorry! :o: I will just add that the Corsair 3500C2 XMS which Fry's was kind enough to exchange w/ me, has solved the above mentioned problems. Since this sweet RAM can take every tight setting I throw at it, the locked CAS of 2.5(yes, with these sticks as well) does not really hurt the OC, which I have pushed to 225FSB@1:1 in TURBO Mode w/PAT enabled & 235FSB@5:4- in Ultra- TURBO Mode w/PAT enabled!!:cool: Also, w/ the Ultra Turbo setting (5:4), I saw that the CAS went to 2 for the 1st time ever. (full timings:2-2-2-5 8) Thanks again for everything, and I would like to say that every noobie who I have helped out, and who asks about RAM, I have urged to at least give Corsair a good, loong look. In large part, because beyond even the memory itself, your efforts in this forum, and your "customer comes first" RMA practices are both so admirable!:biggrin: Merry Christmas, and my sincere regards. damon69 a.k.a John Lavette MSI 875P NEO P4 3.0 800MHz @3.3 896MHz 224FSB CORSAIR 3500C2@2.5-2-2-5 8 (2X512MB) Thermaltake Xaser 3 1000 Antec 550 Truecontrol Nvidia Geforce 5900FX@ 510/910 Zalman 7000AlCu CPU:27-35C Idle 43-52C Load Santa Cruz Sound Card 2X36GB Raptor 10K in RAID 0 on ICH5R 2X WD 200GB on IDE 0 M/S Sony DRU-510 1.0D
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