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Asus P4C800-Deluxe with Corsair memory

Driving Fire

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Hi everybody :) I hope u are fine and having a great time :D: I need some advice! I have a P4C800-DLX matherbord, and using a P4 C 2,8 GHz 800 bus HT processor. First i bought 2x512 hyperX DDR3200 RAM, but it never worked ok! I had a lot of problems with programs crashing or the system just to shutdown randomly! Anyway I got my money back for the rams and now I need to buy some new ones. Knowing that Corsair is one of the best memory provider in the market made me consider buying it! So I thougt maybe u can recommend som of your memory that u know is compatible with my mb. I was thinking of Corsair TWINX1024-3700 1024MB Platinum, what do u think? I am not an extrem OC but i may overclock sometimes just for fun! And how much memory can i have on my mb with these RAMs? is it only one pair? couse on asus website i found that i can have only one pair of CMX256A-3500C2 and CMX512-3500C2 ! Thanks for your help ! love u all ! Merry Christmas everybody! and Happy New Year!
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